Automated trading platform for C# developers Automatic trading platform developed in C# language.
Allows to develop market robots for any financial instrument


Welcome to Market Robots Trading Platform

Market Robots is a trading platform that allows users to do both automatic and manual trading. Besides offers the oportunity for investors to get benefit of the robots which are already programmed and currently working. Therefore, according to your profile, you can benefit from the platform in different ways. Following you can find a short explanation for every user profile who can use the trading platform:


If you are a "passive" investor: then probably you want to put your money to work on a passive way, that means, without consuming your time. You can hire some of our robots to put your money on work mode. Robots will make operations with your money and make (very probably) a high profit from it. Operations will be made in your own trading account, so investor never has to send investing funds outside from his account. Besides, investor never has to share his login or password. The platform will connect via API to the broker and send orders of buy and sell on different instrumets  like market indexes futures, or commodities. This sounds too good but how does Market Robots benefit from all the profits made by the robot with the investor's money? Every month, Investor will manually send a small percentage of the benefits to the company. Is there a fixed monthly fee? no, there is not. If you are interested on putting your money to work on the most efficient way, check the investor page.
an investor



indices trader
If you are a trader: Independly of what kind of trader you are, probably you can benefit from the trading platform. Market Robots is very well integrated with Interactive Brokers via sockets API. IBKR is probably the best broker in the world, but we all know that the charts of IBKR's TWS (trading work station) are maybe not the best out there. So a day trader may benefit from using MKR charts and it's indicators. If you are a day trader or a scalper , with MKRobots platform you can make fastest orders than never, for example, with a single mouse click (without confirmation), or pressing a key. You can set default options like bracket orders for the fast order setting


If you are an active stocks investor or market analyzer: You can also benefit from the platform if you are a short or long term stocks investor. MKR Platform is able to connect to Interactive Brokers API and get fundamental and financial information from all the stocks. For example, it's posible to get all the sales record from any stock. So its possible to can make an analizer to see if the sales are growing constantly, then we can calculate a rating to all stocks and allow the developer to pick to best stocks to invest. The same can be done with the "earnings per share" or other data provided by IBKR. Another possibility of the Market Robots platform is to analyze all the stocks shares in search of a big change in relative volume, that normally means a big new impacted in the stock shares and investor can benefit of this fresh -real time- information.
stocks analyst



computer programmer If you are software/robots/advisor developer: Market Robots was born to allow creation of trading bots for using with Interactive Brokers TWS. It was made with a solid base which is broker-independent, so later was also integrated to MetaTrade 4. Basically, MKR allows a Microsoft .NET developer (C#) create his own trading bots and visual indicators. Bots are also platform-independent, so once its made, it can send orders to any broker platform which is integrated with MKR. Currently it's integrated with Interactive Brokers with all functionalities, and also with any broker using Meta Trader 4. There is basically no limits on what "you can do" with the platform. For example:
  • Developer can make trading bots for any candle size: one minute, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1h....
  • Developer can also program its own indicators and make them visible on the chart, or only visible for the bot. Of course bots can use data from the indicators
  • Bot can trade ANY instrument listed on IBKR or MT4. Including: stocks, futures, options, CDFs...
  • Data from quotes, parameters and any other data is stored in SQL Server database, which can be accesed from the bot or the developer according to its needs
  • Bot can have unlimited parameters. They can be optimized using quotes downloaded from the platform. Developer defines the parameters of every bot, its possible values, (minimum and maximum), and number of steps used for optimizations. MKR will automatically save the best value of every parameters and use them on next optimizations. Developer can automtize optimizations when calling the platform with command line parameters.
  • One same bot can work with different financial instruments. Normally the values of optimized parameters will be different according to the instrument. All parameter's values will be stored in database. Developer can make multiple "groups" of parameters for every bot/instrument pair.
  • Developer can start a bot in simulation mode, selecting the exact dates to start/end and candle timeframe. It matter of seconds simulation will be finished and develope can query all the statistings and generated orders.
  • MKR was made in mind that the chart is a improtant peace of it. So any simulation can be visualized on the chart, with all its orders, indicators, signals, and comments. Either in real time mode or simulation mode, chart can be shown to see exactly how's trading going
  • You can use MKR as an "orders proxy", as you can connect differents instances of MKR to themselfs and to other brokers. Will see this in detail in this page. 


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